Uber goes GREEN!


After having shaken up the hierarchy of taxis in France and around the world, the Californian company now intends to turn its habits upside down by offering hybrid or electric cars. Already with UberPOOL, launched in November 2014, the company had already given a big boost to the environment : it allows you to share a vehicle with other customers, thus reducing costs and harmful gas emissions.

It was therefore natural that Uber decided to launch its green credentials, named UberGREEN. Currently being tested in Paris and other provincial cities such as Marseille, green taxis are expected to spread rapidly to all French cities. This is already the case in Portugal and South Africa, where the initiative was immediately welcomed by customers. Other megacities such as London, New York and San Francisco also offer clean, electric or hybrid vehicles.

Uber also offers partnerships for your events, we would be delighted to tell you more about them.

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