Héloïse, coordinator of “divine” congresses

I’m the newbie!

I joined the divine [id]’s team 4 months ago already, and I can tell you that since then I’ve seen a lot of things.

What is your role in divine [id]’s Team?

I am working alongside Stephanie who is the Business Manager and I make sure that the hospitality part of your congress is perfect!

From taking care of our speakers, to the management of providers and accommodation, to the registration of individual participants and groups, the hours are different and not the same, I assure you! In the morning, I can be on the lookout for an atypical venue for your congress dinners and in the afternoon, I can raise unpaid invoices.

Indeed, I have the pleasure to coordinate all these aspects on SFP conferences, SFNR, EUROVALVE, SIFEM and PEAC, events with different contexts and actors that allow me to diversify my fields of action and to discover new practices and issues.

Because this is above all what events are all about: adapting to changing situations and being able to be reactive.

But how did you get there?

I will sum it up in three words: Event organization – International context – the South

Event organization: I started event management as a teenager, in a village association where I participated in the creation of events such as “Top à la vachette”, but without a cow. But it was really during an internship at the Hilton Diagonal Mar in Barcelona, where I was able to organize various events such as the inauguration of a gourmet restaurant, the reopening of an urban beach club or the 100th anniversary of the brand, that I developed a taste for event coordination at a professional level; which has now become my daily life at divine [id].

International context: my French contacts are obviously numerous, but so are the foreigners, and I am more than satisfied! And yes, our congresses are a meeting place for people from many different backgrounds. It is moreover satisfying to see medical congresses shine internationally. Indeed, having studied Languages and Foreign Affairs and having lived for more than two years in Spain, I am an interculturality LOVER. Moreover, I am a volunteer in an Erasmus association in Marseille, where I am still immersed in student life.

South-lover: I could not imagine my life elsewhere. After Andalusia in Almeria, Perpignan and Barcelona, I could not refuse to join the beautiful Marseille and divine [id] team!

Nevertheless, it is always a pleasure to leave the South to travel to congresses to meet you accompanied by my “divine” colleagues.

I look forward to meeting you at the welcome desk during our upcoming events.


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