Consume local

After organic and fair trade, «local» is the third pillar of responsible consumption. A solution that is more transparent for the consumer, fairer for producers and better for the planet.

Eating local is a real ecological act.

Food that comes from the other side of the planet emits a large quantity of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming due to its transportation. To be preserved longer, they contain pesticides and various additives.  In addition, legislation is not the same in all countries. Organic products do not have the same regulations throughout the world, as do various quality labels.

Eating local is a real ecological and economic act because you will participate in the economy of your region and you encourage local producers who are better paid with the short circuit than by going through supermarkets. Moreover, it allows you to perpetuate a know-how that belongs to our heritage.They are also less expensive because of their short circuit.

The fruits and vegetables you buy in the local circuit are fresher and have the significant advantage of containing a maximum of vitamins and minerals. And since they don’t have to travel for several days, they contain far fewer pesticides and additives.

You can go through a variety of sites:

A beautiful initiative of solidarity.

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