Stéphanie, chef de projet chez divine [id]

It has been almost three years since I knocked on the door of divine [id] agency. Vérane Bergeron Moreau let me in and I’ve been there since then! Why? Because I like everything about the job and the agency!

I am a Project Manager, which means that I manage congresses from the briefing stage right to the end of the project with every step inbetween:
– organizational and operational stages
– budget management
– customer relations with industry partners
– marketing of the congresses.
Each day is different even if sometimes a bit long 🙂
It’s very rewarding to work with doctors and I also learn a lot of things from a medical perspective. Today I am able to follow a medical series like Grey’s Anatomy and I understand everything! I can assure you, the waffling of Dr. Derek Shepherd doesn’t mystify me.
I have a very fulfilling job no one event is the same. Moreover, I often travel for congresses to check the location and to go to client appointments. I’ve visited many airports and I’m beginning to get to grips with my fear of flying! Sometimes we can stay a little and enjoy the wealth of the cities and countries where we are and that’s a perk.

I also handle the management of tenders. When a brief comes to the agency, I’m responsible for responding with the help of a colleague, because sometimes we can search for locations, rask for a quote, prepare a dossier in a very short space of time!

Finally, I am also responsible for the development of the company on the MICE side “Meetings, Incentives, Convention and Events”, a set of tasks in different sectors: events, meetings, exhibitions or seminars. I sometimes travel to represent divine [id] agency at trade shows, I contact prospective clients via email, phone, morse code, smoke signals and we are looking for solutions to promote and develop the agency in other event-sectors.

In short, I can say that I have a “divine” job where I feel good, I work in a nice office with great colleagues and clients with whom I have built a good working relationship. And I do not have time to get bored but anyway I hate idleness so I am glad about that. Enjoy!

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