La boule on ze mouve 2015

On July 7, Isy Provence organized “La boule on ze mouve 2015”, the 4th International World Tournament of Pétanque, reserved for professionals in the events industry from Marseille (hoteliers, caterers, agencies …). It was held at the Fort St Nicolas area for playing boules and divine [id] was there!

We were up against the teams of the Palais du Pharo, Truffe Noire and the Intercontinental Hotel and we made “Fanny” (we lost for novices). We came last in the general classification (International ranking) and as such we had the honor of receiving the 2015 Cup jack ball.
“Peuchère” (“Poor things”) you might say? Well no because we don’t care, we had a hell of a lot of fun, we hadn’t played for donkey’s years. So we would particularly like to thank Isa, Séverine and the Isy team for organizing this beautiful festive event with its freely flowing rosé wine and two stalls offering hot dogs and donuts with chocolate. It was “tarpin” good! (so good in marseillais)

SAFIM’s women’s team won the tournament and we congratulate them on their mastery of the ball. But we have not said our last word, we still to have a year left to train! So see you all again next year!

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