Our 2019 team building

And us?

This year again, our agency took a break in a cultural and gastronomic team building on October 24 and 25 in the Portugal capital which is Lisbon. It was a unique opportunity to visit this new city and taste the atmosphere for your next events, and get new ideas.

Everything began on October 23rd when we arrived at the Marseille Airport without having any idea of the destination chosen by our organization duo who were Stéphanie and Vérane. We were totally wet by rainstorms (remember floods we had on this week in Marseille) and we discovered we were going to warm up in Lisbon.

On October 24, the program was to visit Sintra and Lisbon, to taste queijadas, pastel de Belem, bacalhau and Ginja without forgetting the Fado show, a popular melancholic song originating from Lisbon. We discovered Sintra on foot and rode in Lisbon on Tuk-Tuk with drivers who do not have any cause to be envious of Marseille’s drivers.

After this full and emotional day, our arrival at the Penha Longa Spa in the afternoon was highly appreciated. What could we expect more than resourcing with the team and going back to France full of energy?

In the evening we returned in the center of Lisbon to have dinner in the Pateo du Bairro do Avillez of the famous gourmet chef José Avillez.

October 25 was a busy day. After a morning meeting at the Penha Longa Hotel in Sintra, to share and exchange ideas on our daily practice, the whole team included old and new members went back to the Massalia.

See you Lisbon and as we said in Marseille : Adessias !

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