The J1 will become “la Passerelle”

The iconic hangar of Marseille located between MuCEM and Terrasses du Port was built in 1930 by the Eiffel Cie; in 2023, it will become a premium complex composed of mixed space with leisure and economic activity partially open to the public.

This project was supported by Vinci and Reichen & Robert, and will include coworking space for business incubators, space for marine training course.

2,000m2 space for events and digital shows with the biggest augmented reality room in France for eSport and Game shows and competitions. The open forecourt can welcome happenings and temporary exhibitions. The garden will be open for everyone like the MuCEM today.

A desire of freshness? The venue will have indoor aquatic activity with the Aquaplayground where you will find toboggans and water games. An outdoor space, with swimming pool and SPA will be built with an exotic garden to invite you to travel.

Athlete? No worry, a leisure space will be created with a climbing wall and Ninja playground.

About catering? There will be many restaurants for all budgets including an indoor market.

For overnight stay, the Marriott hotel will open 130 rooms and a concierge service will be created to take care of accosting yachts.

We look forward to seeing it!

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