Laure Macotta, the agency new graphics designer

Since my early childhood, I was passionate about all that surrounded me, so I naturally turned to graphics. Upon completion of an art upgrade after my Baccalaureat, I pursued with a BTS in graphic design at St Joseph in Marseille.

During the last six years, I have been able to practice as a freelancer, but also with companies and graphic design agencies. Now, I am working with divine [id], in the event organization.

The last two years I worked with WIKO have brought me a lot in my way of working. I succeeded in creating an illustration for a limited edition pack called « Urban jungle ». It was selected and declined on all ranges of media : phone cases, flyers, stickers, goodies, etc. It has been a beautiful recognition! As of today, I continue to make illustrations just for fun, and I regularly post them on my Instagram account.

I am very proud to join the divine [id] team as a Graphic designer; this human scale company  perfectly suits me. I am in charge of the graphic design for ALL the congresses – yes, I said ALL the congresses ! From conception to creation, and realization.

I am also responsible for the CACVS app, a congress mobile application which is quite new for me, but it’s a challenge I’ll obviously take up!

For me, divine [id], is an opportunity to enter the world of events, a moving world where we must be very reactive and efficient, considering the number of events organized. Being a graphic designer here is a very rich experience where I can put into practice all aspects of the job at all levels of printing (poster, flyer, roll up, kakemono, stickers, program, totebag …) as well as on the web (application, banner…).

We might get in touch some time, but now, you know who is behind all our creations, so …
See you soon !

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