Sunset à la guinguette à la Casa Delauze

The Casa Delauze

And us?

divine [id] at Casa Delauze

Our agency just celebrated its 15th anniversary at Casa Delauze, a brand new event venue in Marseille. This unusual villa located at the entrance of the city of Marseille harbour is an incredible structure built on stilts by Henri Germain Delauze who founded the COMEX. The inside of the structure has been decorated just like his owner and his amazing life, with lots of corals and souvenirs from his trips.

Vérane Bergeron Moreau à la Sunset à la guinguette à la Casa Delauze
Sunset à la guinguette à la Casa Delauze

On the second of October that’s where we invited our clients, partners and suppliers to celebrate our 15 years of existence.
Leaving nothing to chance, the festivities included food trucks, lottery, Boules game and a photo booth to the sound of the music played by the extremely good band ‘Moskito’.
485 Camargue oysters, 251 tacos, 742 panisses (local dish made of fried chickpea dough), 853 Haribo sweets and 148 Emkipop ice creams were wolfed down! And we drunk 200 “Ta mère aux baumettes” and 180 “Concombre masqué” cocktails as well as 60 liters of la ParFaite beer and 97 liters of organic wines.

Moskito à la Sunset à la guinguette à la Casa Delauze
Sunset à la guinguette à la Casa Delauze

From what we could see, everybody really had fun with the Sharing Box photo booth, just take a look (code v3SE@).

To immortalize this event, we also contacted a professional photographer we really appreciate, Sébastien Nado, who already worked with us for the Rhythm congress at the Palais du Pharo. View all the pictures he took of the party here.

A video was also shot by Caroline Boiteau, our loyal video maker.
Every single person who contributed to this evening was carefully selected and gave their best to create a memorable moment that we were pleased to share with nearly 150 participants.

Sunset à la guinguette à la Casa Delauze

Now open to event location, The Casa Delauze is a special setting for all types of events and particularly outdoors (up to 700 people): seminars, conferences, cocktails, gala dinners.
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