Our 2018 team-building

And us?

2018 was a prolific year for divine [id] agency.

We had the chance to celebrate our 15th anniversary early October during a memorable evening at the Casa Delauze in Marseille, surrounded by our clients, partners, providers and friends.

But this year we also expanded with two new team members and had to say goodbye to few coworkers who accompanied the company during almost 10 years already!

No less that 6 newcomers joined the agency in a few months and we couldn’t avoid a teambuilding meeting to beat the drum, just before the Christmas season, on the 5 senses theme.

On December 20, right after a studious but relaxed morning at the Mama Shelter, to present the corporate culture, the organization chart and objectives, the whole new team gathered for a boozy and convivial lunch.

We then went to Sensas to experience a real sensory and rewarding afternoon (who mentioned hazing?). It’s a new original and fun concept of entertainment with sensation and giggles guaranteed! We tested and approved it!

We had to test our 5 senses in the dark: enigmas, mimes and “gastronomy”…we met the challenge and even won the opposite camp!

As it is based on surprise, no need to tell you that we cannot disclose more details about the content..but if you need to know more about it,  contactez-nous.

And coming soon articles on our new team members not to be missed !

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