Nouveau site divine id 2018

A new website for divine [id]

And us?

For its 15 years of existence, divine [id] offers a new responsive website!

We were finally able to find the time to develop our new site with a modern design in order to present our know-how as well as our events, and above all to reflect our dynamism and our state of mind. The emphasisis on photos, which are more effective than words to capture the atmosphere we create. Here you will find our news, projects, archives, strengths and values, as well as our recommendations on our blog.

From a technical point of view, we decided to switch our website initially created on Joomla to WordPress because this system is recognized as one of the most effective tools for search engine optimization but also for web security.

Still in CMS “Content Management Systems” it offers a better ergonomic and isdesigned to use “responsive” technology, i.e. it adapts more easily to all screens (smartphones and tablets)!

Nouveau site internet de l'agence divine [id] 2018

It is in this same objective that we also migrate the blog so that the site and this one only become one. WordPress is now a reference CMS for blogs but also for showcase websites.

We invite you to discover our new website, its sections… Feel free to send us your comments on Any criticism is constructive! But we also appreciate compliments 🙂

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