Vérane Bergeron Moreau, THE boss !

At divine [id], I’m the boss. It must be said because maybe some people still don’t know. It’s been nearly 13 years now, and it’s true when I was much younger it surprised more than one man!

As a little girl, my family predicted I was a future lawyer because I spoke very quickly and far too much. I took up the defense of everyone, especially my sister. I saw myself as a businesswoman, perched on 12cm heels, wearing pencil skirt suits with a wasp waist, a bun, and glasses leading others like a conductor … a formidable chic and wacky look straight out of a movie!
Today I work in jeans, I reserve my stilettos for dinners with friends, and I am counting the days until I get my first glasses, like many of us. I am a field boss, very close to my staff and frankly, I do not remember ever having a tantrum. But I like being told that I am a businesswoman.

After studying International Business, I spent six years traveling round the world thanks to a super job as business journalist for Forbes. I have the luck to be a daughter of an established family in the medical field. One never works in medical event organization by chance, and contrary to appearances, it was not easy at first. The benchmark was very high. The first years, I worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and I did everything. One could say that I have learned by doing and I succeeded. Today I lead my team of 7 employees. I still manage some congresses, but less and less. I think it’s important to supervise it all, even if there are nearly fifteen events a year. I devote myself more to my manager role and overseeing little details that make the difference.

I have a great team, loyal and wonderful customers without whom I would not be here today, and I will be satisfied if this continues for a long time.
Thank you all for your confidence.

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