Notre séminaire 2015

And us?

The divine [id] team went to a two-day seminar in Lyon. And this year, it was an incentive trip on the theme of gastronomy.

We worked a bit on the train, in order to … but it was the only time we opened our laptops! A range of activities, each more fun than the last, was waiting for us. The only dark cloud: the weather! When we arrived at the train station, torrential rain welcomed us. No matter, the weather in Marseille is sunny all year long; also we were “expatriots” (it’s a joke, friends from Lyon, do not get on your high horse!).


After unloading our baggage at the OKKO Hotel in the center of Lyon, in the heart of the chic 6th district, we went to try local dishes in a recognized “bouchon lyonnais” (typical local restaurant), named Daniel & Denise, registered in the Michelin Guide. Just to let you know, the pies with duck foie gras and sweetbreads (the 2009 world champion) was divine, “la Quenelle à la sauce Nantua” was heavenly fluffy and “La Cervelle de Canut” with mature wine vinegar was a real taste discovery!

Once satiated, with our heats light (but only our hearts!) we went to the Bienniale of Contemporary Art at La Sucrière, where a cultural guide awaited us for 11/2 hour tour. This help was very much appreciated because Contemporary Art is sometimes a little arcane, difficult to understand; her explanations were a blessing! We were all happy with this exhibition, its creativity, its points of view on topical issues, and its diversity.

The next day, the beautiful sun came out and we were able to discover Lyon immersed in light with great autumnal tints.
In the morning, we met at Les Halles de Lyon-Paul Bocuse with the chef Philippe Lechat who gave us a tour of this mythical place. For each stall, not only were we enraptured by the sights, but also by the tastes. Inveterate foodie, in love with his hometown Lyon and its culinary specialties, he told anecdotes about the great history of Les Halles. Then we went to his kitchen for a cooking class like great chefs. We prepared dishes worthy of a Michelin star and ate them for lunch. Delicious!
In the afternoon we visited Lyon with Segways, an ecological and fun form of locomotion, allowing us to visit streets and squares in one hour without getting tired 😉

With our minds full of memories and full bellies, we headed back to our homes in Marseille. Our thanks to Vérane for this cultural gourmet getaway, an enchanting break in our busy schedules at the dawn of an exciting period full of intense activity.

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