Où bruncher à Marseille ? La sélection de divine [id]


Winter like summer, brunch has become more popular in recent years. After a late sleep, what’s more convenient and friendly than a brunch with friends and family.

Here are our 10 favorite brunches sorted by district (arrondissement).

1st arrondissement

• Petit Longchamp (25 euros)

Chef Marie Dijon suggests a sophisticated brunch in this wine bar and seasonal cuisine. Well done small dishes are done with exquisite good taste and a pleasant presentation. The baked egg is to be absolutely tried!
135 rue Consolat, 13001 Marseille

2nd arrondissement

• InterContinental (79 euros)

“Les Fenêtres brasserie” proposes a remarkable and convivial brunch formula, (seasonal and quality presented produce which includes a cup of champagne). It is the most expensive brunch in Marseille but its buffets are exceptional. Children are kings! Every Sunday, plastic arts workshops are organized.
1 place Daviel, 13002 Marseille

• Halles de la Major (price varies according to the stalls)

At each stall, you will find exceptional products such as seafood platters, burgers, pizzas, small Asian dishes, etc. You are able to create your own brunch according to the various food stalls that attract you: fishmonger’s, butcher’s, greengrocer’s, baker’s… 600 sq m2 of space for a ready-made brunch. Some Sundays, supervised activities are also available for children, to the delight of parents and children.
12 quai de la Tourette, 13002 Marseille

6th arrondissement

• Mama Shelter (36 euros)

In a relaxed atmosphere with a trendy and offbeat decoration created by Starck, the Mama Shelter restaurant offers impressive buffets with breakfast essentials (jams, cereals, cake …), as well as a variety of starters and main dishes. Not forgetting a buffet of desserts to pamper food lovers.
64 rue de la Loubière, 13006 Marseille

• La salle à manger (25 euros)

At Cours Julien, in one of Marseille’s most liveliest street art district, this two-story Italian restaurant, carefully decorated offers authentic cuisine but does not forget the typical Anglo-Saxon flavours of brunch.
56 cours Julien, 13006 Marseille

• Green Love, 100% vegetarian brunch (24,90 euros)

It is a vegetable cafeteria and juice bar in the 6th arrondissement, which offers healthy, balanced and gourmet cuisine. Everything is homemade and prepared with mostly organic products from small producers. On the first Sunday of every month, Sarah and Maxime propose an all you can eat buffet.
22 boulevard Louis Salvator, 13006 Marseille

7th arrondissement

• Rowing Club (29 euros)

An all you can eat buffet with a stunning view of the entrance to the Old Port! In addition to a classic viennoiserie buffet, it offers a cuisine workshop (which includes sandwiches, bagels, hamburgers), a salad bar, a bistro club (cooked meats), a dairy room (cheese), a plancha workshop with hot dishes… On sunny days, you may have brunch on its roof terrace overlooking the Fort Saint Jean and the Mucem.
34 boulevard Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille

• La Passarelle (28 euros)

Behind the Criée and the Vieux Port, the Passarelle has one of the most beautiful gardens of Marseille where it is good place to brunch, on its tree-lined terrace. Tablecloths and dishes have a little air of guinguette (a traditional open-air café). The brunch includes, among other things, a fresh fruit smoothie, a glass of wine and a cold dish of your choice. Produce is fresh, seasonal and local. We suggest you to book before 1pm.
52 rue Plan-Fourmiguier, 13007 Marseille

8th arrondissement

• Au Sport Beach (29 euros)

At the Escale Borely, Sport Beach is an institution in Marseille. The restaurant and its terrace overlook a swimming pool and palm trees. With a different setting and calm, it offers eight gourmet levels, from the classic cold and hot buffet to the omelet workshop or cheese plate…
Escale Borely, 138 avenue Pierre Mendes, 13008 Marseille

• Café Borély (28 euros)

Located behind the Château de Borély, far from the buzzing of the park, it enjoys the calm of its double inner courtyard, where it is enjoyable having a brunch when the weather permits. With its exceptional seasonal produce, its formula includes coffee, a glass of fruit juice, a viennoiserie, a spread, a mini yoghurt, a small fruit salad bowl, a small dish and a buffet of cold meats and cheese.
Château Borély Pavillon Est 132, Avenue Clot-Bey, 13008 Marseille

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