Call me Miss Grant

From Space to Science there is only one step:

« That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind » as told Neil Armstrong.

As a native of Toulouse which is the city of the space industry the first year of my career, I had the opportunity be to be part of the organization team for the 30th astronaut congress, which gathered 100 astronauts from around the world… including Thomas Pesquet, you can imagine the pressure… Then I joined the National Center for Space Studies as event project manager.

Today, it’s the medical sector which has welcomed me. I joined the divine [id] team to manage the Educational Grants from the industry. Laboratories have to establish grants that are managed by a third party due to the new code established by MedTech in January 2018, which forbids laboratories to directly invite physicians to medical conventions. That’s where I come in! Divine [id] is certified as a trusted partner to accompany you with grants management.

You said Grant? That’s easy when you are a graduate of law and International Relations. The only difference is to adapt my work and my way of thinking to the endemic codes of this sector. When it comes to welcoming physicians on site, grant contracts and the management of physician’s registration on our platform, you’ll only need one contact person.

That’s me the lady they call Miss Grant!

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