Céline Millet, Accounting Assistant

« The books of account are the liturgy of our time
and the accountants are the high priests

Presented humbly by Henning Mankel, you understand I’m the accountant! It was in construction engineering that I made my first steps in the ruthless universe of numbers.

3 years ago, I decided to take a break well deserved far away from project managers and bad payers harrasments to discover Asia and Oceania…

I settled down in Marseille 8 months ago, and I joined the divine [id] team. A professional stimulating life, punctuated by many events organized by the agency. No, your memory serves you well, you never saw me on the occasion of a congress!

Divine ID

My position is backstage, not the most exalting one according to the others but be sure it is an essential part of the agency! Administration, delegates management, registrations, hotel bookings, dinners, workshops and several providers running my day, everyday, in order to make a coherent and transparent system for the around twenty congresses just for this year!

Our paths may cross around a tricky accounting question.

I hope you’ll be up to date with your payments and I wish you of course greats future meetings.

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