I’ve been in Divine id agency for a year and a half now, and I’ve become « divinely » addicted to this job.

In life in general, I’m like Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout and this job allows me to satisfy my need to move and travel all the time ( even If I’m scared stiff of flying) – Barcelona, Paris, Bordeaux, Brussels…


It’s my first professional experience, before that internships formed the pattern of my life. I’m very proud of what I do here, and to have the opportunity to develop my professional skills in a sector which is still new to me but which I’m passionate about: the medical field.
I’ve been working with Stephanie, project manager, since my first day at divine [id]. I couldn’t have hoped for a better environment for learning fast, progressing and developing as a professional. Stephanie is always attentive to me and she took the time to help me to get used to my new position, congress coordinator.
Each day, I help Stephanie with speakers’ logistics (accommodation and transport), venue research to hold your perfect event, I also deal with unforeseen problems, attend each congress and lots of additional tasks. We’ve developed a real trust and understanding, working as a team to deliver high quality events for our clients…
A bonus point ? I never get bored. And I LOVE THAT!
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