L’île Degaby, une invitation au voyage

Degaby Island, an invitation to dream. This rocky islet is located 300 meters from the coast of Marseille and is part of the Endoume archipelago. A small fort was built here by Louis XIV.

Formerly called the Island of the Fort of Tourville, this place was given by André Lavai, an industrialist to Liane Degaby, a famous artist from the 1920s.
« This will be a theater for the muses of the seas » she said. There was an endless succession of parties and receptions, followed by loneliness, decades of abandon, passing from owner to owner until July 2001.
Degaby Island has returned to the original idea of Liane Degaby: celebrations with public relation shows and private events.*

This small fort has, in particular, a vaulted reception room of 183 m², two outside terraces (50 m² on the ground floor and 267 m² on the roof) and a professional kitchen for the caterers.
Several providers of maritime transportation cross the water with semi-rigid boats or ferry boats.

It’s possible to organize incentive activities for seminars: solving puzzles, demonstrating skills, taking on extreme water sport challenges, taking a yoga or thaï chi class, just to name a few.

For an evening party or a seminar, divine [id] will organize your « turnkey » event. Tell us about your projects or your needs!

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* According to Adrienne BORRELLY-STRAPPAZZON
(extracts from the journal « Marseille – revue culturelle » N°181 September 1997)

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