Les nouvelles compagnies aériennes

Marseille, with its 300 days of sunshine per year and 2,600 years of history is fast becoming THE southern destination of France. Both privately (5m tourists stayed in Marseille in 2014) and professionaly: second-most filmed city in France, more than 360 business events, and almost 340,000 delegates in 2014.


With over 125 routes operated by 33 airlines directly in 25 countries and 92 airports, the AMP (Airport Marseille Provence) is the 2nd-busiest airport for freight after Paris, and the 3rd-busiest in the province for passenger traffic with:


– 20 daily flights Paris/Marseille
– 38 regular low-cost destinations in France, Europe, Morocco, and Turkey (the mp2 is Europe’s #1 low-cost airport)
– 7 long haul destinations to Canada, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, Africa etc.
To meet the demand and the influx of travelers, new airlines offer direct flights:
– Hop! Air France facilitates French and European travel with attractive rates with three offers: Basic / Smart / Flex, to meet your individual needs. With its four air services, the shuttle between Paris-Orly and Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice and Toulouse, the airline offers up to 25 daily roundtrips.
– XL Airways is a French airline specialized in long-haul destinations and offers direct flights to Marseille from the USA, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and Europe. XL Airways operates flights from Paris to Reunion Island and Punta Cana.
Of course many other airlines, such as easyJet, Ryanair, cover France with attractive prices.
So don’t hesitate, whether it is for a week-end, holidays, or a professional stay, take a direct flight, come and meet with us!
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