Le MuSaMa, le Musée du Savon de Marseille

In the heart of Marseille, the MuSaMa, the Marseille Soap Museum opened its doors on March 12th.

A few steps from the Vieux Port, near the Marseille History Museum, MuSaMa offers a permanent exhibition of regional heritage products with temporary exhibitions focused on new technologies. The workshop allows the visitor to be an authentic Marseille soap maker. The museum also has a small bookstore and a work of art by the world-renowned Marseille designer Ora-ïto. We talked about him in an article about the Cité radieuse (Le Corbusier), the Mamo installed on the rooftop created by this brilliant, and controversial designer.

Richard Carta, author of a novel featuring a master soap maker, was the perfect architect for this project. Marseille soap, whose origin dates back to the Middle Ages, is an integral part of Marseille’s heritage. Recognized internationally, it is counterfeited in Tunisia and China.
This is why the Conservatoire National du Savon de Marseille (CNSM) initiated this project to teach consumers the key elements of its identity and authenticity (72% vegetable oil, soda ash and water). Associations of soap professionals in Marseille have asked for a French label certifying this origin, such as a IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée).

The MuSaMa, a fun and creative concept is not to be missed this spring in Marseille!
During a seminar in the Phocaean city (Marseille), you may discover the secrets and multiple uses of soap and make your own during a workshop.
Do you want to organize your next seminar in Marseille? Contact us, we will take care of everything including your incentive activities.

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