Flash People : Max Amor

The interview of Max Amor, cardiologist interventionnel, co-founder with Patrice Bergeron of MEET congress

divine [id]: What do you enjoy as a congress organizer?
Max Amor: The exchanges on an international scale and the opportunity to evaluate one’s practice.
Aiming higher and knowing what you are really worth.

[ID] How do you foresee the future of medical congress?
[MA] The congresses have changed a lot since the first slides to the current digital technology.
Delegates and speakers now have means to show, see and learn how to do. These multiple resources enable intensive education and exchanges. Nevertheless the future will depend on the finances provided by the institutions, the sponsors, the CME, etc.

[ID] Why did you choose divine [id]?
[MA] That’s a good question.
Because it is worth it!
I’m joking
This agency gathers a sound cardiovascular field knowledge, organizational skills and the respect of budgets and educational and ethical constraints; along with the spirit of hospitality and the French refinement.

The MEET congress website

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