Et après ? La douleur dans tous ses états

Soon the « 5ème journée des actualités de la Douleur. »
On January 30, 2014, we will organize for Dr Francon from the Institut Paoli Calmettes Marseille, the 5ft edition of « les Actualités de la douleur », « la douleur dans tous ses états ».

This meeting, which will take place in the hotel Villa Massalia, Concorde Marseille, should enable the 86 establishments that signed the charter of Réseau Douleur Paca Ouest to meet again, exchange views, share relevant information on the treatment of pain. It will also be an opportunity to discuss with the home nurses about common themes.
The program includes: the discovery of molecules, innovating and unconventional skills such as hypnosis, aromatherapy, musicotherapy and auriculotherapy that should aim at improving the comfort of patients.
View the program and registration information

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