Dynamisez ou réveillez vos réunions avec le vote !

And us?

Interactive Voting. Boost your meetings with e-voting!

Increase the impact of your presentation! Take the quiz and see your results electronically.


The interactive e-voting is a solution for meeting or conference participants, to answer questions live, with individual interactive voting.

This is an ideal way to captivate your audience views and to check feedback (e.g. during a training course). This creates full participation.

We’ll take care of all your needs!
– Integration of the questions to the image of your event
– Programming, preparation and delivery electronically
– Installation and tests
– Control of interactive presentation

– Export and backup of results
– Publication of results in real
– Archiving of the presentation and results

We are available for complete services, from graphic design, integration, programming of the questions and of course, back up support during your meeting.


For more information, please contact divine [id]: info@divine-id.com
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