divine [id] immatriculée chez Atout France / divine [id] registered at Atout France

And us?

The Tourist Development Agency of France, Atout France, is responsible for contributing to the development of the tourism industry (first French economic sector) and accompanies each of its partners, including divine [id], in their marketing operations and tourism promotion in France and abroad, in order to increase their economic competitiveness.

As an event agency, divine [id] duties are, to register in the number of operators traveling and staying Atout france, meeting all the requirements of the tourism code to practice activity as professional congress organizer: IM013110010

Operators who do not respect these obligations « are exposing their customers at an unacceptable risk » in case of accidents during the trip, says Sylvia Pinel (in an interview in July 2012, then Minister of the Craft, Travel and Tourism)… and reiterates, « the importance for operators of travel and holidays to take out liability insurance and offer their customers financial security ».

Sylvia also encourages tourists to be vigilant ensuring the presence of the registration number on the commercial documents of the operators of travel and holidays. Verification can be checked on the register of operator travels and holidays in the Atout France website www.atoutfrance.fr

But who is Atout France?
Its members are distributed as follows:
– 40% of members are institutional,
– 44% of members are directly involved in tourism (accommodation, catering, transport, travel agencies and tour operators),
– 16% of members represent exploration activities, culture and recreation.

With a distributed network in 32 countries and a multidisciplinary team to develop all types of missions abroad, the Economic Interest Group provides in-depth knowledge of markets and cultures, allows for targeted promotion but also to adapt products for the demand of customers and distribution.

Source: L’Echo touristique

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