Christine : ” Une page se tourne “

And us?

A page turns.
It’s been 9 years. Nine years punctuated by events, seminars, congresses and concrete projects.

Time has passed since December 10, 2007! That day, I joined the agency as a congress coordinator to organize the first CACVS congress we were in charge of. Since then, I have become project manager at divine [id] and on my last days I was working on the 10th edition.
It is not without emotion that I leave the agency for new adventures, in a totally different field in a new life.
For nine years, I have taken planes and trains. I have visited cities and countries: Rome, Madrid, London, Liège, Paris, Bordeaux, Athens … beautiful experiences, beautiful places, beautiful hotels and beautiful people. We had some pretty tough times: strikes, delays and flight cancellations.

Things do not always turn out exactly the way anyone imagined they would the Red Letter Day. And others times, things match-up so perfectly that it seems like a dream. There were congresses that seemed to be a disaster yet clients and participants congratulated us, like a gift from heaven because the essential was there: nobody had noticed the problems. No one saw that we were running in circules, that worry was omnipresent, that we were not 100% satisfied. But all these moments, in the end, I will keep them in my memory. It is often the worst times we hold onto by actually remembering them with a smile, almost nostalgic.
It has been nine years of my life. I have met fantastic, open, joyful and sensitive people, and also serious and rigorous ones: clients, participants, speakers, service providers and partners. Nine years of teamwork, in an open space, in a small committee. Thank you to my colleagues, for bearing with me as best they could all this time! Girls and boy, thank you! Thank you for these laughs and good times.
All this will be missed, but it is with serenity that I leave you in good hands with Katy (email, Tel. 04 91 57 19 64). She will take over as it should be. I wish you all, you whom I have known, a good life, thank you for all these beautiful moments.
See you soon, here or elsewhere.

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