You’ll be ordering some “Provence Chérie”

Do you remember Virginie, divine [id]’s former Artistic Director? She just launched Provence chérie. The brilliant idea of this bimonthly box is to make you discover natural or organic cosmetic products from Provence, by the origin of the founders, by their manufacturing and their composition.

Pure products are part of a responsible, ethical and ecological logic of young creators and more established brands. Seasonal theme boxes are also created.

They can be composed of beauty products but also lifestyle accessories (decoration, textiles, stationery), and gastronomic products. The items in the boxes are also sold individually on the e-boutique, allowing you to buy your “chouchou” skincare or create your own custom-made box. So, if you would like to offer a tailor-made box to the participants or speakers of your event, contact us!

We have “tested and approved” and wish her every success in this new adventure!

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