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I would like to tell you about my active part in my job that has been going on for several months. Four years ago, I joined the team at divine [id]. I work closely with project managers and webmaster. My responsibilities are in print communication for the congresses (i.e. programs, flyers, roll-up’s…) as well as newsletters and social networks (including this blog). According to the client’s requests and briefing, I manage the HTML coding, as well as the graphics of the newsletter.

We integrate our talented graphic design department in the agency as part of the process to benefit the visual needs of our clients. In comparison to using an external agency, we are able to answer and find solutions quicker for our client’s requests.

Special attention is given to the delivery of the newsletters by outsourcing our mailings. While respecting the laws and prevention of e-mails to be considered as spam, we can send up to 100,000 emails per month, manage the bounces (returns) and the non-registrations. We also have a database for email adresses of qualified medical recipient.

After sending, we study the statistics: rate of cumulated and distinct openings, median number of openings per recipient, recipient behavior, reactivity rate, openings distribution per day, clicks distribution per link, etc…

Many companies (St Jude Medical, LeMaitre Vascular, Bard, Microport, etc.) and others congress sponsors had confidence in us to create and to distribute their emailing campaigns.

For your project, event, product or service launch, or any information needed to be communicated (news, invitation to an event etc…). Myself, as well as the team at divine [id] have the solution.

Our creativity, professionalism and quick response will guarantee an effective email campaign for you!
For more information, please contact:

Here are some varied examples of our creations:
divine [id]
Massilia SUP Race
La Douleur

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