Un pôle PAO/Web intégré à l’agence

And us?

Since the beginning, divine [id] has brought together internally, a graphic/web design service center, ensuring its customers personalized, dynamic communication for their events.

The integration of these two fields of expertise does not only personalize each event creating its own visual identity (when such is the request), but can also applies this visual identity to different print and web communication media, both upstream and during the actual event.
This offers an unrivalled reactivity exchanging on-going real time information. Thereby the interactive PDF programs and the websites are updated constantly. The newsletters created and sent internally via a professional provider (Sendgrid) quickly communicate last-minute information, and we can have weekly statistical returns and manage bounces.
Besides the freedom of action and the reactivity offered by our service, this also reduces the production and printing costs because our services are much more competitive than those of an advertising agency. Indeed, the search for the best providers (printers, mobile apps or interactive screen programmers) is on-going, in order to guarantee a very good price/quality ratio.

Otherwise, when we have a specific graphic demand, we outsource and call on free-lancers. For example, for the “Marseille à Paris“ evening, we asked the Marseille illustrator Thomas Cantoni to create the design. Thomas’ illustrative universe is influenced by 70s surf and skate design. His precise bright style has already seduced many national brands. He also creates many posters for musical and sport events. So it is natural that we thought of him for the creation of the image for “Marseille à Paris.“

If you have specific requests for graphic or web design, contact us. Based on your brief, we will make every effort to respond and deliver a proposal.
Graphically yours,
Virginie & Ludovic

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