Forget the ordinary!

On the “Rue des Phocéens”, you can see the dome of a building which is inscriptibed with the words “Maritime Affairs”. This inscription gives us the first clue about the history of this mansion that is very much a part of cultural heritage of the city of Marseille.

It is more than a place steeped in history, more than a concept, the BAM, « Bâtiment des Affaires Maritimes », is a beautiful marriage between the past and the future combining historic architecture with modern elegance, madness that tickles sobriety, everything is majestically simple, and it feels good.

Upon entering the heart of this atypical and unexpected place, you will find a chic but resolutely modern atmosphere, revealing here and there its remarkable assets with its felted entrance hall, majestic staircase and spectacular moldings. We appreciate the attention paid to every detail, the atmosphere, the smells, the tastes, the service …

With a capacity of 165 people for cocktail parties, 70 for conferences and meetings. The building has 8 spaces, and reveals a surprising inner courtyard bathed in light and at the end of the day which will make for a wonderful place for your events without a doubt!

So, are you tempted? Count on us to help you organize your event in this exceptional place.

BAM – Bâtiment des Affaires Maritimes –  25 rue des Phocéens – 13002 Marseille

04 91 32 29 59 –

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