Notre séminaire 2013

And us?

divine [id] annual seminar – view the photos!

The whole divine [id] team – we are 7… a true multinational company – gathered under the sun during 2 days by the seaside in Bandol.
And ‘seminar’ means (intensive) brainstorming to develop our activity …
but it also means: having fun (because we people of the South of France do like to ‘have fun’), enjoying (the sun of course) and relaxing (well, a 3.5 hours hike is not really what everyone could find relaxing…).

Basically we were efficient. Indeed our little brains were on fire (and so our calves) and let’s say we just wanted to… share this experience with you.
Because a seminar is also a way of changing your daily routine, and for once, you can see us… on photos.

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