Marseille moves to Paris at BHV Marais


From 3 June to 16 August the BHV MARAIS is associated with the Marseille Metropolitan Office of Tourism and Conventions. For a few weeks, the city of Marseille will be exhibiting its best addresses to Parisians to help them discover its richness between authenticity and modernity!

BHV Marais is used to highlight a place or a creator. This summer, the best addresses watchful eye of the Good Mother will bloom there. You will find Maison Empereur, Honoré, Sessùn, Kulte, Monochromic… and many others. On this occasion, BHV MARAIS honors the Mucem through its series of inspiring photos taken in the great Phoenician museum.

As you can see by now, the city of Marseille offers Parisians a foretaste of its very special Mediterranean art of living to make them want to come down to Marseille to discover the wonders that they will be able to see for themselves.

And if you want to come and organize your event there, contact us.


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