Marseille l’une des villes les plus en vogue en 2018

According to Travel Squire, Marseille is one of the top 28 travel destinations in the world for 2018. These selected cities and countries were subjected to an extensive selection process in order to be appointed.

They were divided into four categories representing different types of travellers: urban destinations (such as Marseille and Seattle or Prague); gastronomic and cultural (e. g. Ottawa in Canada); new on your radar (e. g. Ljubljana in Slovenia); adventure and exploration (e. g. Reykjavik in Iceland).
In a previous article on Marseille, Travel Squire drew a not very glorious picture of our beautiful city: crime, drugs, violence, mafia… a cliché that persisted notably due to the cinema industry and the media. Since 2013, the year it became European Capital of Culture, Marseille, like a chrysalis, has begun its transformation. This was made possible above allthrough the creation of the Mucem museum, the rehabilitation of the Docks district but also the Halles de la Major and the Terrasses du Port… A real highlight on the city of Marseille!
Nowadays, Marseille is not only considered as a tourist city but also a place to live life to the full, on both professional and personal levels. The blog “Paris je te quitte » selected the 7 best coastal cities and Marseille is among them. Isabelle, a native of Bretagne, shared her own experience. After 17 years living in Paris, she had to move to Marseille for professional reasons but she ended up falling in love with this city enlivened by its southern accents!
Whetherit be for a weekend, a holiday, a move, an event to organise (seminar, congress), Marseille is undeniably a destination to take into account.
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