Marseille, 2ème ville de congrès de France

We are very proud to announce that Marseille is the second city of France’s congresses in the ICCA classification (International Congress and Convention Association).

In 2014, Marseille-Aix ranked 60th in the world with 40 international congresses (more than Lyon and Nice). In 2013, Marseille came in 74th place and in 2012, in 142nd place.
This year, the Congress and Events Office of Marseille joined with Aix-en-Provence to work collectively. Indeed, these two cities are complementary: Marseille for the biggest events and Aix for seminars and meetings, making the most of the charm of Provence.
In 2014, Marseille had 469 business tourism events, as opposed to 331 in 2012.

The fact that Marseille Provence was the European Capital of Culture in 2013 boosted its renown due to coverage in international media.
Marseille as a destination of reference is the Congress and Events Office’s objective and business tourism is a priority.


On January 20, 2015, the Tourist Information Center and Conference Bureau (OTC) organized an evening Marseille à Paris with divine [id], Live! by GL Events, and Valadou Events. The aim was to gather key decision makers from Paris and Mice Business Travel Professionals from Marseille.
Maxime Tissot, the OTC director wishes to organize an operation about the appeal of Marseille in the next six months in London and Brussels. “The competition is severe, it’s necessary to maintain our position!“

Marseille meets expectations with its accessibility from most European capitals, with its hotel complexes, and with its many event venues, including the most recent: the R2 of the Terrasses du Port, the Halles de la Major and the MuCEM.

CHOOSE MARSEILLE! Attractive City.

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