Ligne 3

There is now more mobility for the business tourists in Marseille due to the tramway’s Line 3 which will finally see the light of day in the town center and will link the Place Castellane to the Euroméditerranée business district.
The inauguration is scheduled to take place at the end of this month after eight months of delay.

This line is an extension of the Line 2 towards the Place Castellane at the intersection between the Canebière and Rue de Rome. At the Castellane terminus, the tramway will take the Rue de Rome and the Cours Belsunce to the base of the CMA-CGM tower.

This new Line will enable South and East residents of Marseille to take the tram at the Place Castellane, which is an important bus station with a lot of bus lines and two underground lines.
This Castellane terminus is temporary pending possible southern and northern extensions.

Indeed, this Line may be extended towards the South to the residence of the Rouvière (the largest European co-ownership) and will pass by numerous points of interest, such as the Parc du 26e Centenaire, the Stade Vélodrome and the South hospitals.

For the past few weeks, the Rue de Rome has rediscovered its charm and now it’s very pleasant to walk there. However, plenty of low-class storefronts don’t make it attractive yet. Only the arrival of traditional shops may polish its image. To be continued…

The fact remains, however, that before, Marseille was ineffectively served as regards the public transit; this new Line will stimulate tourist activity and will be more practical for tourists and local residents alike.

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