Les Docks village


On Saturday, October 10, the Docks Village was inaugurated.
In an interview with the magazine ToutMa, Marc Pietri, a well-known builder of Marseille and at the source of this project, explains how this building is “iconic, full of mystery and spirituality.”

In fact, these former industrial wastelands are now crossed by a path of 365 meters (like the days of the year), composed of four courtyards (like the seasons), seven storeys (like the days of the week) and fifty two doors (like the weeks of the year). At the center of Euroméditerranée, it is a privileged neighbor of the Terrasses du Port and it is near the Halles de la Major and the MuCEM.
This living space is organized as a village square with independent merchants, a medical center, hairdressers, and pubs, meeting the needs of 25,000 people working in the area. Every month, events are scheduled (such as Docks Art Shopping in October and an antique exhibition in November).

A city within the city!

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