L’EDMA (European Diagnostics Manufacturers Association) et l’Eucomed (European Medical Technology Industry)

And us?

The EDMA (European Diagnostics Manufacturers Association) and the Eucomed (European Medical Technology Industry) voted no to direct sponsorship of physicians to attend congresses.

However they can be sponsored via healthcare organizations. As of January the 1st 2018, the medical industry must go through healthcare organizations to fund registration fees of doctors to attend conferences or congresses, by giving them scholarships or grants.


Its a MedTech Europe decision (including Eucomed and EDMA) who wished to unify their codes.
Indeed, the aim is that there should not be any interaction between industry and healthcare professionals and that it should not influence them through undue or improper advantages, do not interact in using or recommending medical products.
However, they will still be able to support individual doctors to participate in workshops and symposia.
In the press statement, Rob Ten Hoedt, chairman of MedTech Europe and Eucomed, said that MedTech Europe was proud that the European medical technology industry adopted “one of the most modern and progressive codes of conduct, with strict, clear, and transparent rules.”
However, some leading European interventional cardiologists said that they are concerned that the new code may negatively affect the future of continued medical education.

The future will tell !

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