La Truffe Noire

Apricot stuffed with goat cheese, raw scallops on a Chinese spoon, shrimp nems are just some of La Truffe Noire’s specialties. They are part of the Organizer Caterer’s reputation. Creator of new tastes because being an Organizer Caterer involves all the talents for each reception.

Representative of the « Traiteurs de France » (National caterers’ reference) in Marseille, La Truffe Noire is a women’s story, from mother to daughter. At nearly 40, La Truffe Noire has the experience of time.
divine [id] chose it for the buffets in the exhibition hall during the RHYTHM congress at the « Palais du Pharo » or the MEET congress on the « L’Ilienne » boat.

The Events department proposes ranges especially made for this kind of events for a growing number of attendees. Our chefs have imagined menus especially thought out for working lunches. La Truffe Noire also has a range of tray meals for this kind of demand.
La Truffe Noire’s know-how which is appreciated by customers during these congresses, is due to the fact that La Truffe Noire is able to set up short-lived breweries inside the exhibition area.
For seminars, incentive evenings or for weddings, please contact La Truffe Noire.
A high-class catering service!

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