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Interview with Prof Natzi Sakalihasan, Vascular surgeon in Liège University Hospital in Belgium and organizer of IMAD in September.

divine [id]: You are organizing IMAD (International Meeting on Aortic Diseases) for its 4th edition. What evolutions have you noted since you very first one?


Natzi Sakalihasan: Our first edition was handmade as we took care of all the organization’s details. Since 2010, we involved divine [id]. The preparation of the two last editions has been significantly relieved and we thereby could focus almost exclusively on the scientific aspects. We can describe divine [id] with many words such as systematic approach, flexibility and professionalism. These are the first elements that come to our mind for this agency in which we trust entirely.
[id] Why did you choose divine [id] to organize IMAD?
[NZ] divine [id] has been organizing international congresses for many years . Many learned societies organize their own congresses themselves. A we were not able to do so on our side, we contacted divine [id] agency that we already knew from their brilliant achievements on many congresses we attended such as the MEET Congress, CACVS… etc.
[id] What is for you the primary task of a congress?
[NZ] Of course the primary task of a congress is to spread information, like the scientific updates taking into account the research works. With this in mind, we share our knowledges on the differents aspects of the cardiovascular disease looking for a better patients’ care.
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