Eve Dahan


The artist Eve Dahan is one of a kind, not only is she a talented and mysterious DJ but she is also a producer and performer. Needless to say she will be our DJ on the occasion of the “Marseille à Paris” reception?

This second networking edition – focusing on cinema – will gather more than 40 Marseille Tourism professionals who will introduce the city to their parisian counterparts.


divine [id] agency already entrusted Eve with the Rhythm congress 2015 official dinner in Marseille.
Here is a little interview of our favourite DJ girl!


divine [id]: Hello Eve. Could you tell us how to become a DJ and how to succeed in this over manly world?


Eve: With lots of love and mischief 😉 and also a bit of courage as it is not always easy to get on the beaten track!


It IS a widely man world and while being a woman can smooth things over to make new contacts I can guarantee that you must be totally professional and really know what you’re doing to stay the distance and to get in with the other DJs, bookers and schedulers…and by the way, I’d rather go by “DJ” or “djane” (in French) than the girlie nickname “Djette” if you know what I mean….



divine [id]: How about your influences? How do prepare your playlists?


Eve: My influences are really varied which is an asset in so far as I can participate in all kind of projects but that can also be an inconvenient because humans beings tend to put you in a box and it is not always easy for them to know where I belong to. I do trust my feelings and never prepare a mix in advance, at most I just select some tracks.


divine [id]: You’ve worked in clubs all over the world (Goa, Brazil, Ibiza, New York, Paris…). How do you anticipate hosting a networking evening in Paris?


Eve: My career has now reached a stage allowing me to make professional choices while refusing some jobs and each one of them is – as Raymond Queneau would say – “an exercise in style”. Indeed, one of the most interesting parts of this job is to be flexible but stay true to yourself!
divine [id]: What are you planning for 2016? And when will you mix again for a party in Marseille?
Eve: I plan to come back to Marseille for a short time in March after my Indian tour. Then I’ll be leaving again for Thailand this time! But in the meantime, I have many pending projects, one of which will be held in a beautiful place in Marseille. And for 2016, I will be focusing on production and the creation of electronic music!
Thank you Eve. We’ll be delighted to meet you again on March 15 and we look forward to dancing to your mixes in Marseille clubs.


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