This summer, make sure you do not miss the Rosé

The history of Winemaking in France started in Marseille, as you may know, imported by the Greeks at the end of the fifth century!

Rosé wine from Provence is undoubtedly the favorite beverage for all occasions, including the top restaurants and nights clubs. It became trendy a few years ago which has contributed to our territory’s notoriety. Provence is the #1  producer of Rosés in France, and it produces 6% of the World production.


Pink is the new black: on the appearance side, its color results from the contact with grapes skins, grains and juices. Did you know that Rosé has six characterisitic colors : peach, melon, mango, pomelo, tangerine and cherry-red. Here is a trick: the paler it is, the better it is.


No wonder it is very successful abroad.

The “Sud” region and it president Renaud Muselier even organized last May a charity evening named « Les Rosés du Sud » at the Chateau La Coste, which raised 160 000 euros, donated to the Goodplanet foundation in order to finance projects in favor of biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.

You can see why, this summer again Rosé will be the star of all the parties, dinners, and all other occasions and  not only in Provence.

If you come to Provence, you can’t miss the opportunity to have a glass of Rosé but take your time also to discover our vineyards and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

For more information and advice on Rosé, don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

Photographie : D.Delmas ©

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