3èmes Rencontres cardiologiques de Saint-Joseph

This year the Cardiology Department of the Saint-Joseph Hospital of Marseille takes us to Camargue, October 8-9. We will be at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in an atypical hotel we know, l’Auberge Cavalière du Pont des Bannes.

The doctors of this department invite their correspondents to come and to take stock of the recent improvements in their practices in various fields of cardiology (e.g. drug treatments, coronary angiography, rhythmology, and interventional). They will stay in the traditional houses of the Gardians, and they will meet with the industry, at the heart of the resort in a seminar room.
This weekend will be busy and very friendly in an original place with Gardian games and a flamenco evening!
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