Tuba, new hotel restaurant with sea view in Marseille

This brand new meeting place in Marseille has just opened in the Goudes district, the outer limits of Marseille. It offers a new idyllic setting for a night or a meal.

The former diving spot of the freediving champion Jacques Mayol offers the most beautiful rooms overlooking the creeks created by Greg Gassa (ex-boss of Burger’s Banquet, Sweet ladys, Vandal, etc…) and Fabrice Denizot (film producer). To thrill his clientele, Greg made it simple by drawing from his best vacation memories. The idea? To find Proust’s madeleines of the summer by sticking as far as possible with the local products.

The interior decorators were inspired by popular culture and the identity of the South to arrange the space, one would literally feel as if one were on a Greek island. Placed on the rocks, a few chairs and mattresses installed under the terrace are an invitation to sunbathe. Don’t forget your bathing suit!

Tuba has 5 rooms and a restaurant at the water’s edge in the spirit of a guesthouse for friends, which opens onto the terraces. The interior designer Marion Mailaender has chosen the spirit of the «cabanon» which sticks to the skin of the kasbah, with hessjun on the floor, shower with hose, small Marseille soap. And basta. Everywhere in this hotel, the scene unfolds between upcycled furniture and raw materials, brutalist inspirations twisted with pearls and shells, natural shades and fluorescent ropes.

In front of this undeniably beautiful panorama, one can only appreciate one’s stay whether it is gourmet or for one or more nights.

Don’t hesitate to dive!

Hotel Tuba
2, bd Alexandre Delabre
Marseille (13008)
PHONE: +33 9 66 95 13 16
WEBSITE: tuba-club.com

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