Europacorp, The cinematographic complex of the future


The recent opening of EUROPACORP in the Euromediterranee area created the buzz.

This three stages Giant equipped with 14 rooms comprises more than 2,000 seats.

Unique in the whole city, with creative and new concept rooms, it is without any competition that the cinema opened its doors in March 2019.

It comprises high tech rooms such as the Dolby room which associates the most innovating aspects of image and sound, or the most comfortable rooms like the Cocoon and the Lounge room with premium reclining seats; each show becomes unforgettable!

For thrill seekers, there is the 4DX room. Spectators are immersed into the movies. Our senses are stimulated with a unique and unprecedented cinematographic experience. The seats can create uprising, oscillating, tilting movements and even more vibrations to reproduce natural effects like wing, rain, storm, fog, snow but also more specific effects like smells to be at the heart of the movie’s action.

There are all types of movies for every taste and a lot of entertainment all along the year. This is the cinema to see in Marseille!

And if you would like to rent it for your private events, just contact-us!

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