Our values

[C]reativity & open-mindedness
Our agency makes a point to create a true unique moment in order to make all the events delivered remarkable and up to date!

[A]vailability, dynamism & efficiency
Our small and human scale team guarantees both the efficiency and the availability essential to a dynamic management of your projects.

[T]ransparency & commitment
DIVINE[ID] ensures that your event is organized using total transparency – both on the financial and material part – and that it suits your expectations. Our objective is to make sure that you fully benefit from our expertise and know-how.

Professionalism and Perfectionism are our main features, in order to offer you a bespoke and efficient service, that leaves nothing to chance.

Divine [id] is developing alternative dispute resolution methods (mediation) for its clients, independent, free and quick, on top of its internal department of claim management.